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A team

A team committed to sustainable winemaking

Transitions such as this are only possible with a solid team, motivated by the same values and respect for nature, as well as for the customers and quality of the final product.

During the transition to organic farming, the team working in the vineyards learned to observe the earth and plants, to be attentive.  This changed their relationship with nature and their profession overall.  They have already observed the rebirth of many things.

What a pleasure, for example, to see a partridge nest,
A symbol of a return to natural life, in the vineyards!

No longer working with crop protection treatments is satisfying, but there are also dozens of hours of additional work… growing organically requires more attention, rigor, and responsiveness.

A requirement assured by the organic AB certification: an approach which makes it possible to guarantee that there are no chemical treatments used during the production process, neither on the vines, nor during the winemaking process.  A certification you should check on labels…

Interview with
David Elefteriou,
Cellar Master at
the Filliatreau Domain



The transition toward biodynamic agriculture: a collective decision

Biodynamic agriculture is a principle that respects plants and is based on the natural cycle in connection with lunar cycles.  It is a question of implementing natural methods which strengthen the plant and allow it to fight against various attacks.

If organic farming is demanding, biodynamic agriculture is uncompromising.  Certain interventions must take place before daybreak, respecting a precise calendar linked to the lunar cycle.  It’s a question of spraying natural products in tiny quantities (plants like horsetail or cow-horn manure) a bit like homeopathy for humans!  It is accompanied by machine reduction, to avoid damaging the vine roots.

Learn more about biodynamic agriculture

With biodynamic agriculture, the land gets better

Our team committed to this transition supported by this belief.  It’s not just a business decision, it’s a way of living in harmony with land and nature.  The end product is better and the way to produce is more sustainable.There are still lots of risks: if you don’t treat the crops at the right time, then you can lose an entire harvest.  Going biodynamic on such a large amount of land is a challenge.  It is therefore a team commitment, proud of the work accomplished, and which gives full meaning to "the Filliatreau spirit.

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