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tEREAn experience to share and explore together

Take the time to try our wines, explore their aromas, get to know them and the people who make them.  Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you’ll have a great time in our new tasting area with our team, who will share what makes our wines so special with you.

« The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one we share together.”  »

George Brassens

« … And especially the one you prefer, you have to trust yourself even if you’re not an expert »,

Adds Sébastien, when he serves wine at a tasting.

Straightforward tasting!

« We must demystify wine tastings.” »

This is the state of mind our team uses to ensure that wine exploration, above all, brings enjoyment to everyone, according to their preferences.  Here, we don’t speak gibberish when talking about wine, we want to stay simple and accessible.

Each tasting takes us where the customer wants to go

We don’t offer any “ready-made” courses, we adapt to everyone.  Depending on the first wine tasted, and especially on the overall feeling of the group: through what is said, but also on facial expressions and gestures during the tasting (Sébastien, Terezia, Eva and Christina are excellent observers!), we then know what the second wine will be, then the next… We offer variations depending on the profile of our customers, the range of our collection is quite diverse!

This exchange is also based on your wishes and overall circumstances: a tasting can last longer than an hour if you set out to try our entire collection and if you ask lots of questions to Sébastien!  However, if you are in more of a hurry, we get straight to the point and try to meet your expectations.

Sometimes, conversations begin between couples or families who are participating in the tasting, with differing perceptions based on everyone’s home origin: People from Bordeaux will not have the same feelings as those from Burgundy, and it is even more blatant when the group is American, Canadian, Dutch, or English !

Creating a connection and maintaining a relationship with the public

Sébastien has been accompanying customers as they learn about wine at the Filliatreau Domain for almost 20 years now.

His philosophy is :

« Brining people here
is not necessarily our doing,
but bringing them back,

that’s when we have something to do with it ! »

Our goal is to create lasting relationships, empathy, and complicity with our clients.  We are happy to see loyal families come back whose children have now gone on to do the tastings!  And tourists from the past who go out of their way just to come and try our new wines.

Sébastien has gone through major stages to evolve production techniques for Filliatreau wines, in particular in helping with the transition to use organic and biodynamic agriculture.  He explains what happens behind the scenes when using these techniques to the most curious customers and insists on what still needs to be done.

Surveying the carbon footprint of production and the products used during cultivation, for teams working in the vineyards and for the final consumer: all this is common sense.  Raising awareness for more sustainable winemaking is also a role that the entire Filliatreau team has given itself, ethically, by conviction.

La Grande Vignolle
Route de Montsoreau
49730 Turquant

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from April to October




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